Business incubators serve as a catalyst tool for either regional or national economic development. The GITC will operate the Business Incubator Initiative. The business incubator will help new and startup companies to develop by providing services that include:business centre and office space, incubation services for new businesses and administrative consulting.

GITC Objectives:

1. Support to new business opportunities and entrepreneurship in SA.
2. The incubator will promote key technology industry drivers that will prepare businesses for a strategic forward thinking mind-set.
3. To enhance competitiveness within the local industry as to capture a greater portion of local demand.
4. Promote and develop supply value chains.
5. GITC will work as a Business Exchange catalyst – a service where people can be assisted in the field of international business ventures and opportunities; including online businesses, network meetings, investor arrangements, international collaboration, franchisees and dealerships.

The benefits of the incubator will be evident in the growth and development of the manufacturing, technological and services industry in terms of increasing competitiveness,production,productivity and job creation.Incubator partners will provide support services such as IT, Branding,Executive search, Feasibility Studies, Interpretation Services,PR, Legal &other support services to provide a once stop store for market entry. Serious higher level services like International Arbitration,FDI facilitation, Company formation & other Government Liaising will also be available. Lawyers,CA’s and other professions will be consulted. An online platform will also be provided to the members (clients) to manage their operations effectively. These virtual offices will be provided for international companies seeking entry into S.A. The usage of conference,meeting and boardrooms on advance booking will also be made available.